CFS-2 / IL-2 1946

IL-2 1946



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IL-2 Setting's


COCKPIT REFERENCES. Information on the gauges and instruments found in the cockpit views.

AIRCRAFT STABILITY. Link to information about the basic stability principle.

Center of Mass Too Far Aft. What happens to an airplane that has insufficient decalage.

Center of Mass Near The Middle. What happens when the center of mass is near the middle of the allowed envelope.

Center of Mass, Left and Area. An amusing consequence of the decalage rule involves the center of area and center of lift of the airplane.

Pitch-Wise Equilibrium. In steady flight the airplane must be in equilibrium.

Canards Operate On The Same Principle. Some airplanes have the main wing in the back. They get their stability from a much smaller wing (called a canard) in the front.

Beyond Decalage. Decalage is the main issue but not the only issue affecting the airplane’s angle of attack stability.

Springs and Bobweights. Some airplanes have non-aerodynamic contributions to stability.

Long-Tail Pitch Effect. What happens during a maneuver where the aircraft is rotating in the pitch-wise direction.

Center of Mass Too Far Forward. What happens if the center of mass is too far forward.

Other Failure Modes. There are lots of ways to violate the weight-and-balance envelope.

Practical Considerations. Airline crews are required to check the weight and balance in detail for every flight. In practice, general aviation pilots often pre-calculate typical cases.

Phugoid Oscillations. In slightly more technical terms, airplanes essentially never have as much pitch-wise damping as you would like.

SPIRAL DIVE. Link to information about spiral dives.

Which Way Is Up. The semicircular canals in your inner ear will tell you which way is up for a few seconds, but after that, you don’t know...not without looking.

Overview. It has a well-deserved nickname: graveyard spiral. Except for running into something, a spiral dive is almost the only way you can inadvertently destroy an airplane.

General Discussion. Spiral dives are really important.

Recovering From A Spiral Dive. If you find yourself in an unusual turning, descending situation, the first thing to do is decide whether you are in a spiral dive or in a spin.

Try It Yourself. Experiment yourself.

Summary. Summarized overview of aircraft stability.


Below are the popular joystick settings provided by CRAZY IVAN:

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